Review: Frostburn

Frostburn is the third album from the apparent comedic heavy metal band Lords of the Trident

Bands using a comedy gimmick to get noticed usually drives me off their music so fast. When reading about Lords of the Trident, I read the same thing about being funny and the silly biographies and so on. I won’t deny that my initial thought was, “Oh great, another one.” Thankfully I was a lot more pleasantly surprised with their skills as musicians then any supposed gimmick. What I mean by that is that the music on their album, Frostburn, is that good that I honestly did not notice any gimmicks nor did I give a damn.

As far as my opinion is concerned, I always feel that the music should be first before any form of lyrical jokes and image. Unlike some poser bands like Steel Panther, this seems to be a case with Frostburn. Songs like Haze of the Battlefield, Manly Witness and Winds of the Storm featured top quality music, a lot more then I was expecting. The band use a good amount of melody with some heavy riffs very similar to a fair bit of the European Metal scene, like Sonata Arctica and Edguy etc. The solo at the end of the final track, Shattered Skies, for example is excellent. It is short but very effective with the clear use of melody and the very nice tone. I specifically enjoyed the lead vocals for the most part.  Ty Christian (did I get the name right?) has a nice powerful but smooth voice much like Joey Tempest, Michael Sweet or Timo Kotipelto. Though his voice is a lot lower in range, I personally loved the fact that he very rarely forced his voice into some unnatural high pitch wailing. It is very tasteful and extremely refreshing coming from someone who owns a lot of this kind of metal.

The production on Frostburn is also great stuff with a very powerful guitar tone and the bass clearly grooving in the middle. There is quite a pleasant drum sound that goes back to the days of the early ’80s before drum kits started sounding sterile and made of plastic. It is a very natural booming sound which compliments the music perfectly. If only other bands would learn how to do this.

Personally speaking, I think this is a very solid album. Musically these guys are spot on and I would recommend ditching the gimmick for something a little more professional. There is a lot to be liked here and I would not be surprised if these guys become quite popular in a few years. However with the nonsense that was all over their website etc, it might be hard for them to do that and be taken seriously.

Fans of power metal should definitely checkout Frostburn. The record is very energetic as well as very well made. Lords of the Trident as a band have a lot of character, talent and seeing what they do after this could be quite interesting.


Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Knights of Dragon's Deep
  2. The Longest Journey
  3. Winds of the Storm
  4. Manly Witness
  5. Maze of the Battlefield
  6. Kill To Die
  7. Den of the Wolf
  8. Light This City
  9. The Cloud Kingdom
  10. Shattered Skies