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Polish band Lady Pank came into the limelight in 1983 with their self-titled debut album two years after forming. They went onto become one Poland’s most recognised rock acts following an extensive tour schedule in support of Lady Pank.

In the English speaking world, Lady Pank draw a lot of parallels with English band The Police, who by 1983 had come and had almost gone. It is not an unfair comparison on the surface as both bands exhibit the same traits; a chiming signature guitar lead, infusions of reggae with the spirit of punk without actually being punk.  It could be the vocals of Janusz Panasewicz and perhaps the pronunciation of the Polish language, but there is also hints of Madness here as well.

However the difference becomes immediately apparent in Lady Pank‘s heavier and sharper sound. They are far more of a rock band than The Police ever were. There is a greater sense of identity which showcased excellently in the reggae-heavy Pokręciło mi się w głowie, which is clearly a reggae song but retains the elements of Lady Pank‘s harder form of rock. Du du swaggers in with its infectiously catchy guitar riff laced with a saxophone and only matched by its equally catchy chorus. Tuneful and lighter songs, all things being relative, Mniej niż zero and Fabryka małp are equally as catchy and just as memorable.

Whilst The Police were claiming the plaudits in the English speaking world, Lady Pank captured the imagination of the people in their native homeland. In a rock and heavy metal-laden Britain in the 1980s, one could have seen Lady Pank making great headway if were not for lack of interest not sung in English. It is a great shame as the brutal truth is if you want to continue to draw comparisons; Lady Pank‘s blend of hard rock and well ingrained identity made them a more accomplished act than The Police.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Mniej niż zero
  2. Kryzysowa narzeczona
  3. Fabryka małp
  4. Pokręciło mi się w głowie
  5. Du du
  6. Zakłócenie porządku
  7. Zamki na piasku
  8. Wciąż bardziej obcy
  9. Vademecum skauta
  10. Moje Kilimandżaro