Review: Cuphead – Original Soundtrack

At this point of 2017, I’m pretty sure it would be difficult to find a gamer who have not heard about the latest hit game, Cuphead. The latest intense boss rush game that has taking the world by storm with its charming graphics and smooth game play.

It is a truly fantastic game. I personally have played it to the point of completion and continue have a subconscious itch to get back into it. But it’s not just the beautiful art style and game play that has taken imaginations into the world of Cuphead, but the soundtrack itself is one of the main highlights of the game.

Composer Kristofer Maddigan teamed up with StudioMDHR and a vast array of incredible musicians to make one of the best gaming soundtracks I think I have ever heard. The album itself is a hefty fifty six tracks and is just under a three hour running time. It is a lot of music to put out and quite overwhelming from the listeners perspective. However, the clever use of variety and the previously mentioned musicianship makes this album worth having for fans of Big Band, Jazz and Ragtime music. There is endless amounts of swing grooves, drum shuffles, solo instrumentals from the brass and wood instruments, tap dancing based percussion and even a wonderfully recorded barber shop quartet.

In today’s world where ‘Chip Tunes’ is the latest (and most irritating) gaming soundtrack fad, it is wonderful to hear a soundtrack like Cuphead. Hell, the game itself was mighty refreshing and the combination makes one of the most memorable experienced I’ve had in gaming in the last twenty years. There is not a lot of game soundtracks that come close to topping this one, perhaps The Witcher series and Jeremy Soule’s Elder Scrolls series. Much like those older games, this soundtrack stands out on its own and deserve every bit of praise it gets.

Hopefully with a soundtrack like this in the mainstream, it will encourage the younger generation to check out the jazz legends of old and explore music that features real musicians, real instruments and something that does not rely on over synthetic sterile garbage.

Purchase the album via Bandcamp or via Steam with the game itself. It is an experience you will not forget.

Rating : 9 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Don't Deal With the Devil
  2. Don't Deal With the Devil (instrumental)
  3. Introduction
  4. Tutorial
  5. Elder Kettle
  6. Inkwell isle One
  7. Botanic Panic
  8. Die House
  9. Elder Kettle (Piano)
  10. Threatenin' Zeppelin
  11. Treetop Trouble
  12. Ruse of an Ooze
  13. Floral Fury
  14. Inkwell Isle One (Piano)
  15. Clip Joint Calamity
  16. Forest Follies
  17. Inkwell Isle Two
  18. Sugarland Shimmy
  19. Aviary Action
  20. Inkwell Isle Two (Piano)
  21. Carnival Kerfuffle
  22. Fiery Frolic
  23. Funfair Fever
  24. The Mausoleum
  25. Legendary Ghost
  26. Pyramid Peril
  27. Victory Tune
  28. Hurry Up
  29. A Quick Break
  30. Coin-Op Bop
  31. High Score
  32. Funhouse Frazzle
  33. Inkwell Isle Three
  34. Honeycomb Herald
  35. Porkrind's Shop
  36. Shootin' n' Lootin'
  37. Dramatic Fanatic
  38. Perilious Piers
  39. Murine Corps
  40. Junkyard Jive
  41. Rugged Ridge
  42. High Sea Hi-Jinx
  43. Railroad Wrath
  44. Inkwell Isle Three (Piano)
  45. The Airship
  46. All Bets Are Off
  47. Inkwell Hell
  48. The King's Court
  49. Inkwell Hell (Piano)
  50. Chief Evil Officer
  51. Admission to Perdition
  52. Ominous Interlude
  53. One Hell of a Time
  54. The End
  55. Winner Takes All
  56. Closing Credits