Review: Everybody Dies, Darling!

Killing Suzy is a new independent symphonic metal band from Cologne Germany. The band have a smashing vocalist, consistently good songs and a nice goth element that will apply to fans of the metal sub-genre.

Everybody Dies, Darling!, is quite a solid album and one that has been very finely produced. The musicians all have their place in the mix with there being a very satisfying bottom end that brings the drums and bass out a little further to the front. The bands front woman has a strong voice and utilises it a lot better than most singers in the symphonic metal sub-genre.

As much as I enjoyed this record, it certainly isn’t without its faults. One fault to be exact, the same fault that tends to plague bands who play this style of heavy metal. That fault being any real lack of diversity in the music. Each song generally has the same sound, the same tempo and it becomes a little too familiar too quick. A few fast paces songs with some guitar or keyboard solos would do Everybody Dies, Darling! the world of good.

As it is, it is a solid set of songs that I would recommend to symphonic metal fans, but don’t go in expecting anything ground breaking. Their debut album Everybody Dies, Darling! if anything, is a fine start for any bands career and to take this sound, develop it into something a little more varied could see Killing Suzy go places.

Rating : 7 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Everybody Dies
  2. Sisters
  3. Falling
  4. Broken Dreams
  5. Pain Makes Me Stronger
  6. Lament In Prediction
  7. Courtly Love
  8. Nail In My Flesh
  9. Aphelion
  10. Atlantis