Review: Eyes on the Prize

Eyes on the Prize is the new 2017 EP from the heavy metal band, Jupiter Zeus. The band claim to be some stoner rock and as a sober person, I would assume this is exactly what you get.

This record is roughly twenty five minutes long, features six three to four minute long songs. Each song features some heavy mid tempo guitar riffs, monotonous vocals and a thunderous heavy drum beat. The kind of thing you’d expect to come out of a stereotypical sub-genre as stoner rock or metal.

However, that is not to say that the band didn’t produce anything worthy of your ears. I found that the group produced a lot of really good ideas and their sound really helps put across the style of song writing that they aim for. The songs have an almost dream like vibe to them as the group smash their way through some Black Sabbath style riffs. Usually this sort of thing is not my cup of tea, but I find it works very well here.

Some might find that the band’s singer is a little too monotonous for their cup of tea and I could perfectly understand that opinion. But through out the record he is consistent and in key making it very hard to complain about his performance.

Considering the length of this EP, you’d think the group could throw in another song or two and simply consider it a full length album. After all, you don’t need an album over thirty to forty minutes to be great. Sometimes short and sweet works perfectly, Eyes on the Prize being a perfect example.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Eyes on the Prize
  2. Saviours With Destruction
  3. Read It and Weep
  4. Midnight Renegade
  5. Arise
  6. Broken Plates