Review: Star Trek: The Motion Picture (soundtrack)

Star Trek The Motion Picture is a movie of it’s time. The film was an attempt by Paramount Pictures to cash in on the sci-fi craze created by the huge popularity of the Star Wars franchise. The end result is an imperfect movie with a beautiful score.

After all these years of being a huge Star Trek Fan, Star Trek The Motion Picture is a film that I have a love/hate relationship with. I find the movie to be overly long and very badly paced. But I also find the story to be quite mesmerising due to the alien threats mystique, that of which is amplified by the stunning visual effects and wonderful score by the legendary Jerry Goldsmith.

In many ways, Star Trek The Motion Picture produced a lot of iconic themes for science fiction. The Main Title theme of course is extremely well known to fans of Star Trek, not just for this film but for also being the main theme song to the 1980s television show, The Next Generation. There is also the addition of the Klingon Battle theme, the piece of music played as three Klingon war birds are completely vaporised by the creature only known as Vejur. Even though it is not quite as bombastic as later films (see Star Trek V), the idea of the warrior race comes across very well in the five minutes they are represented here. The real icing on the cake is the time dedicated to the exploration of Vejur. These pieces of music (The Cloud, Vejur Flyover and The Force Field as examples) are very dark, haunting and provide us with a lot of themes that get used to represent The Borg in later television shows and movies. There is also a very similar melodic style to that of Poltergeist, a beautiful movie which came three years after this movies release.

As far as soundtracks go, this one is an absolute winner and a must own for Star Trek fans. The contrast between the mystical themes of exploration and the darker more impactful tracks is a great contrast and makes for a wonderful listen. Those who also enjoyed the score for Alien might find something worthwhile here.

Rating : 9 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Ilia's Theme
  2. Main Title
  3. Klingon Battle
  4. Total Logic
  5. Floating Office
  6. The Enterprise
  7. Leaving Drydock
  8. Spock's Arrival
  9. The Cloud
  10. Vejur Flyover
  11. The Force Field
  12. Games
  13. Spock Walk
  14. Inner Working
  15. Vejur Speaks
  16. The Meld
  17. A Good Start
  18. End Title