Review: Lies

After the huge success of their first album Appetite For Destruction, Guns N’ Roses put out an extended play to do the fans over until the release of their next album (Use Your Illusion in 1991). The record called Lies was released in 1988, consists of two extended plays and is technically the last full album to feature the original line up.

Fans of the band Guns N’ Roses probably have this album already and have done for a considerable length of time. But more casual fans never seem to acknowledge its existence, this always made me wonder if this album goes under the radar these days. Lies isn’t as popular as the full length albums despite featuring the hit single, Patience.

The album is made up of two sections, the first is a four track EP called Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide. This is a four track record that was originally released in 1986. It features three covers of Aerosmith, Rose Tattoo and Hollywood Rose (the band that eventually grew into Guns N’ Roses). All four songs are supposedly recorded live in front of an audience, though members of the band have previously stated that the songs were in fact recorded at Pasha Studios and features crowd noise sampled from the Texxas Jam festival. Despite this fact, the performance on these four tracks is extremely enjoyable. The band sound very tight and extremely energetic. Their sound has a lot of bite to it and really shows how good the group were at the time.

The second portion of Lies is a set of four original Guns N’ Roses songs, all of which are acoustic. The most notable and recognisable is Patience, a charming slow tempo song that was played endlessly by Kerrang! TV and other rock stations in recent years. You’re Crazy is an acoustic rendition of the song previously found on Appetite For Destruction. I personally don’t like it as much as the original but this version is definitely charming. The other two songs are of reasonably high quality and the record as a whole features a sound that really suits the band.

Where the band became over ambitious with Use Your Illusion albums, both of which suffer from serious over production. Lies on the other hand is very clear on what it wants to be. The rocking tunes and the stripped back acoustic numbers all play their part. With the short running time, it certainly makes for an enjoyable listen and a worthy edition to your collection.

Rating : 7 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Reckless Life (cover)
  2. Nice Boys (cover)
  3. Move to the City
  4. Mama Kin (cover)
  5. Patience
  6. Used to Love Her
  7. You're Crazy
  8. One in a Million