Review: Popestar

In the last few years I have never missed the chance to pick some new music from the band Ghost. They have proven time and again that they are fully capable of writing great songs and implementing witty clever lyrics with some great use of the traditional guitar riff.

Well the boys in mask are back with another new extended play, Popestar. This new album features twenty five minutes of new music including one original song, Square Hammer which is just as good as anything from their previous album Meliora. In fact the song is so similar to their previous release that it could of very easily have came from the album. It has the same pop sensibilities bundled in with some great hard rock vibes. Fans will want to pick the record up just for this track alone.

The other four numbers on Popestar are covers of the bands Echo & The Bunnymen, Simian Mobile Disco, Eurythmics and Imperiet. Each song is given a fairly impressive make over with the now traditional Ghost sound, in fact I would say that the band have taken these songs and really made them their own. There is no way that I could listen to the originals without hearing what these ghoulish fellows have done to them.

Nocturnal Me and I Believe are more laid back compared to the opening track. They have that laid back almost Blue Oyster Cult dark vibes and eeriness that featured in Opus Eponymous. It is a little different to what the masses would expect after Meliora but not shocking enough to confused or bewilder real Ghost fans.

The cover of Missionary Man has a lot of energy. This is a song that I would love to hear Ghost play live. It is a little out of character with vocals and a style that reminds me a lot of Ian Anderson during Jethro Tull’s late ’80s early ’90s period. As a big fan of this artist, I thought it was a pleasant surprise and a welcome change in style. Hearing this glaring change in vocals and the use of harmonica felt a little strange for Ghost but I think they did a great job with this song. It really differentiates from their previous material, something that should be welcome from fans as there is nothing worse then bands recycling the same format time and again.

The real highlight of the four cover songs is without any doubt, Bible. This is one epic song that really suits their style. Again, it is a little laid back by comparison to Square Hammer with no particularly heavy riff licks or rhythms. The song has quite an epic sound, almost symphonic in nature. It is a fantastic closing track for the album and one that I would pay good money to hear live.

Popestar is a very tasty package and one that has been superbly put together. The art work looks beautiful and the music sounds just as magnificent as Meliora, so much so that I will make sure to purchase the vinyl record for that added quality boost. Personally speaking, I wish that Ghost would simply put out a covers album instead of teasing us with these EP’s. I enjoyed this album greatly, especially the original song Square Hammer, but these kinds of albums are kind of a tease and makes fans like myself really bloody thirsty for more. I hope for their sake Ghost have an album in the works before their fans riot for new music.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Square Hammer
  2. Nocturnal Me
  3. I Believe
  4. Missionary Me
  5. Bible