Review: Victims of the Future

During the ’80s, Gary Moore fancied himself as a sort of heavy metal guitarist. He dabbled in lightning fast solos and heavy riffs, something we’re not accustomed to from him these days. The results was some criminally underrated music, his 1983 album, Victims of the Future, is a perfect example.

For his Victims of the Future, album, Gary Moore put together a great team of musicians. From the fantastic trio of Neil Murray, Bob Daisley and Mo Foster to the excellent drum services of the legendary Ian Paice. This is a line up not to be missed by any rock fan. The sound on the record is up beat and considerably heavy by comparison to Moore‘s other albums. The power rock sound can be found through out the record on songs like the album title track, Murder in the Skies and All I Want. The big riffs, blistering fast solos and huge choruses are a little dated but still sound great by today’s standards.

As you’d expect with the line up, the musicianship is of the highest quality. There is a lot of different styles through out and it really brings a great variety to the album. Talking of variety, Moore‘s lead vocals take a different turn. Here he uses a lot of falsetto screaming, commonly known with heavy metal singers and is definitely not something you hear often (or at all) from the six stringer. With that said, he puts it to good use pushing his voice to places he rarely visited. Vocally, this has to be one of the best performances he ever put down on a studio record.

There are some more mellow moments, like on the track track, Empty Rooms. Here you will hear Moore playing some beautiful lead guitar as he is led along by some nice melody, thick bass guitar and some nice layered keyboards. The only real dud on the record is the song, Teenage Idol. I don’t know what they were thinking when writing this song but it does not fit in the overall track list and really kills the records opening momentum.

With exception of that previously mentioned track, there is very little to say about, Victims of the Future. This is a very nicely recorded and performed record that has aged reasonably well. You’ll hear obvious ’80s music traits but that just adds a little charm to the whole thing. Gary Moore fans should definitely own this record, perhaps the best of his power rock period.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Victims of the Future
  2. Teenage Idol
  3. Shapes of Things
  4. Empty Rooms
  5. Murder in the Skies
  6. All I Want
  7. Hold on to Love
  8. Law of the Jungle
  9. Devil in Her Heart
  10. Blinder (instrumental)
  11. Empty Rooms (1984 remix)