Review: Free

I have always looked at the band Free like I have Creedence Clearwater Revival. The group was only with us for a short space of time and yet they released a fantastic selection of albums. Free from 1969 was recorded at the pinnacle of blues rock music and is perhaps one of the finer rock albums out there.

Those familiar with the band know fine that the band adopted a more professional clean cut sound from Free on wards. But the style for the most part remained the same with a solid backing rhythm from Kirke and Fraser, a criminally underrated rhythmic duo. There is also plenty of classic Paul Kossoff moments, moments that are only beaten by the silky smooth voice of Paul Rodgers.

Those looking for some hit singles will not find it here however. This is one of those albums that doesn’t really have a stand out track but is more of a whole product. To take any track out of this record would just not sound the same and is definitely one of those albums where it is simply all or nothing.

With some timeless production values, Free is an ageless record. Whilst Tons of Sobs is a great album, it is clearly a product of its time. Where that album has some excellent soloing and the kind of raw power rock fans adore. Free has such fine production and song writing that it could be considered perfection on a disc only lacking that hit single that made the 1970’s follow up Fire And Water so famous.

Rating : 9 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. I'll Be Creepin'
  2. Songs of Yesterday
  3. Lying in the Sunshine
  4. Trouble on Double Time
  5. Mouthful of Glass
  6. Woman
  7. Free Man
  8. Broad Daylight
  9. Mourning Sad Morning