Review: Rhapsodies In Black

Exit Eden is an interesting new symphonic metal band. The group features four female singers from bands such as Avantasia, Visions of Atlantis, Phantom Elite amongst others. The result is another standard metal album but with a rather eccentric use of the band’s four front women.

Albums like Rhapsodies In Black are a strong hit or miss with the heavy metal culture. These kind of albums fall into the ‘love it or hate it’ category and I can fully understand why. The music style is the typical modern symphonic metal style and all the songs are pop covers. There are no lack of hard and heavy guitars as well as lots of pop hooks. It is the name of the game here. For the most part the music seems solid and the choruses are rather catchy. I enjoyed the cover of Frozen, yet it still feels a little pointless to me.

Though I don’t mind the song choices on this record, they’re not my cup of tea but have been adapted to the heavy metal genre well. Why in God’s name would anyone want to cover Adele’s truly God awful song Skyfall, the James Bond theme? Not only is that women intolerable but that song by itself is so badly written that it just makes me want to rip my ear drums out. I deducted a mark for this song itself.

There is also a matter of the bands four front women. Whilst the idea is interesting and does work for the most part. It does feel a little inconsistent and quite annoying at times. There are songs on this record that would have came across stronger had the vocals been limited to one singer, providing the vocal track with a lot more consistency. It doesn’t help that a couple of the singers have more rock orientated voices whilst another likes to mimic Tarja Turunen, the typical symphonic metal cliché. With this variety, I don’t like the way the album changes the vocals around like some tacky pop group. The lack of consistency really does them no favours what so ever.

The thing I do not get about Rhapsodies In Black is that the promo for this album claimed that these women were independent, self confident and ready to ‘do their own thing’. If this is the case, why did they release a covers album? If they wanted to prove themselves as musicians, they should have written their own material and perhaps the results would have been a little more interesting.

But as it is, Rhapsodies In Black is a decent enough symphonic metal album. The quality of the musicianship is high, the production is pretty solid and the song choice isn’t all that bad. But the style Exit Eden have went for is a little dated and sounds a bit corny by today’s standards. Symphonic metal as a style has been boring and predictable for a while now, only with a few exceptions. With that said, if you enjoy bands like Delain and Tarja, you’ll enjoy Rhapsodies In Black.

Rating : 7 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. A Question of Time
  2. Unfaithful
  3. Incomplete
  4. Impossible
  5. Frozen
  6. Heaven
  7. Firework
  8. Skyfall
  9. Total Eclipse of the Heart
  10. Paparazzi
  11. Fade to Grey