Review: The Final Countdown

In 1986, Swedish metal band Europe released their third album to much critical success. The hit single “The Final Countdown” sold like hot cakes all over the world and put the band to the front of the stage with all the big boys.

Unfortunately for them that the album itself is a pretty big let down. In comparison to the great records “Europe” and “Wings of Tomorrow”, “The Final Countdown” is an over produced album full of lackluster songs. Sure the title track, “Carrie” “Rock The Night and “Cherokee” are great songs. But these songs were the only memorable tracks on the album and given that these songs had huge or moderate sales, it is garunteed Europe fans are sick of hearing them.

So you have a handful of great songs and another hand of mediocre 80’s junk. Just listen to songs like “Ninja”, “Danger On The Track” and “Love Chaser” and you’ll see what I mean. It is easily the bands lowest point in terms of song writing. The production is also another hit to the music. Their previous albums had a good hard sound similar to bands like UFO, Michael Schenker Group and Scorpions. However this album has ended up with a pop rock sound that would be better suited to fat house wife favourites Jefferson Starship.

The producer has left the album with so much reverb that even U2 would be jealous. Though it is a sad state of affairs when the songs were poor even before they tacked on this horrific production.

“The Final Countdown” is the band’s biggest selling album and has cursed their career to the point that even they hate the song. “The Final Countdown” is only necessary for completionists. The albums that came before and after are much more creative, making you wonder where the band went wrong. Forget it and go buy “Out of This World” instead.

Rating : 5 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. The Final Countdown
  2. Rock The Night
  3. Carrie
  4. Danger On The Track
  5. Ninja
  6. Cherokee
  7. Time Has Come
  8. Heart of Stone
  9. On The Loose
  10. Love Chaser