Review: Adversary Omnipotent

Adversary Omnipotent is the second fullth length album from the band Enfold Darkness. Released in July, 2017 this record is a solid consistent death metal album that will not make any news fans but certainly please those who are there already.

Albums like Adversary Omnipotent are starting to get very hard to review for the simple fact that I have heard this kind of death metal album several dozen times over (no offence intended towards the band). If I were to talk in detail in regards to this death metal record, I would be endlessly repeating myself and it gets tiresome for me, never mind those who follow this website.

To keep it short, Adversary Omnipotent has a nice heavy sound that lends itself to the death metal genre very nicely. The band sound tight and have a good selection of riffs and hooks that will definitely please the average extreme metal fan. To me personally, the drums sound like they were using triggers and I am not a fan of that sound. It is a little sterile and would have loved to hear a more natural drum sound.

I won’t lie, I didn’t find this record to be at all original but I did enjoy it, even with its flaws. This kind of album will never get much in the way of praise but I respect the band for being well played and consistent. Fans of the band will have no doubts about it, you’ll enjoy it. The same can be said for the average death metal fan.

Rating : 7 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Awaken, Drak'tal O'minn
  2. Lairs of the Ascended Masters
  3. Liberator of Mages
  4. The Sacred Daemonic
  5. Invocation of Na'ak Ba'ran
  6. Banishment
  7. Arise. Morning Star, into the Netherworld
  8. The Adversary, Omnipotent
  9. Terror of a Perilous Quest
  10. The Test of Wisdom
  11. Dirge of the Surrogate Invictus
  12. Summoning the Archons
  13. Vanish Into Damnation