Review: Black Heaven

Earthless are primarily a ultra heavy rock band in the same vein as ’70s Black Sabbath. But unlike their predecessors, the band enjoy writing and releasing long extended jams with little to no lyrical content. With four albums gone and their fifth Black Heaven just out, the band show their strengths as a group by releasing an impressive album.

The first thing that comes to mind about this band is to applaud how good these guys play together. They clearly have good chemistry as their playing styles compliment one another. I like the way the drums are controlled, tight and simplified just enough to pull the songs along. On top of that is the thunderous bass line that helps keep the rhythm whilst sounding powerful in its own right. The the heavy riffing is very satisfying and the lead guitar for the most part is very tasteful. It does get a little excessive in places but it works as a nice contrast to the more melodic moments.

Stylistically, I love what the band is doing. They know what they’re after and are clearly very good at pulling it off. I didn’t feel bored of their intense jamming, not for a second. Though, looking back at their previous albums it is clear that these songs are quite short by their standards and I could understand if its not everyone’s cup of tea regardless if the songs are eight or thirty minutes long.

Black Heaven is a good solid album, one that I really enjoyed. Fans of the Black Sabbath style that has been quite popular in the last ten years or so should definitely pick this album up. It is just as heavy and as it is melodic and is a very good example of how to pull off that sound perfectly.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Gifted By the Wind
  2. End to End
  3. Electric Flame
  4. Volt Rush
  5. Black Heaven
  6. Sudden End