Review: DDP 4 Life

What do you get when the singers of thrash metal legends Testament and Exodus come together to make an album? Surprisingly very little in fact.

Dublin Death Patrol is a super group of metal musicians formed by Steve Souza and his chum Chuck Billy.  Together with family members and members of other bands they put together their debut album, DDP 4 Life. It is a lengthy thrash metal record (or groove metal, as the kids call it) that unfortunately is not a tribute to the wrestler of the same. By all means, this record should have spawned something great. Instead, what we got was just the same tired riffs with an almost entertaining quality to it.

The album itself may be a bit unoriginal, but it has its moments. The riffs are all well played and the album has some good momentum behind it. There are moments the vocal trade off between the two singers works really well. But the lead guitar work and drums have clearly had not much thought put into it. Then there is the bass, which I’m not actually sure there is any. The album is credited to three bass players but if I’m honest, they were so low in the mix that it felt almost as pointless as Newsted on And Justice For All.

The biggest issue this album has is the simple fact that it has been cranked up that loud (THAT LOUD!!!) that listening to DDP 4 Life is an uncomfortable experience. Much like Metallica’s Death Magnetic and most albums produced by Rick Rubin, there is a lot of distortion coming out of the speakers. This is also worse when listening to the record with headphones. It causes some major ear strain and discomfort, an audiophiles worst nightmare. So much so that I actually returned my copy to Amazon (coming from the guy who still owns St. Anger).

DDP 4 Life might look cool on paper and it is reasonably enjoyable, but the final product sounds that bad that I wouldn’t recommend it, even to the most devout thrash metal listeners. It is a pretty major casualty in the Loudness Wars and until this is fixed, forget about it.

Rating : 6 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. R.I.P.
  2. Unnatural Causes
  3. Mentally Unstable
  4. Pigs in the Hollow
  5. DDP For Life
  6. Sid Vicious
  7. Iron Fist
  8. Cold Sweat
  9. Lights Out
  10. Trial to the Executioner
  11. Devil in Disguise
  12. Corruption/Central Pomo Indian Songs