Review: II – As We Die

Misfits guitarist and all round noisy bugger, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein is back with the second album under the title, Doyle. This is a nice short album that boasts a remarkably heavy sound and thirteen extremely catchy songs.

As We Die has a lot of songs that stick out more than anything on the previous album, Abominator. Whilst that album was not bad by any means, here there is a more varied mix of styles from the traditional hardcore punk to some all out thrash metal that make for a better listening experience. Beast Like Me has a great riff and Run For Your Life is a pretty catchy single. The Undead and Virgin Sacrifice are pretty good metal numbers. The guitars don’t go into complex territory but there is some good use heavy riffs and effects on the solos etc. My favourite of the lot is the blues based tracks, Witchcraft and We Belong Dead. These numbers have a shuffle rhythm and a swing groove very much like old school ’50s rock n roll. With the soft clean vocals and noticeable similarities to Misfits’ superb Saturday Night, I can’t help but draw a comparison to Famous Monsters.

I didn’t like God of Flies because the style of the song feels a little out of place with the rest of the album. Doyle’s music has a lot of resemblance to previous Misfits releases and this track has a more metalcore vibe to it. The song isn’t bad, it just doesn’t fit with the rest of the record… literally. But as a whole, As We Die has a lot of really good songs and feels like an easy forty five minutes.

Sadly, as good as As We Die is, it does not come without issues. Without going on another rant about the final mixing of the album like I did for Abominator, all I’ll say is that this record is noticeably brick walled and does not sound as good as it should. This record has a lot of great tunes, songs that are far superior to the previous album and I would definitely recommend it to Doyle and Misfits fans alike. I just have to put out a word of warning to any fans who may consider themselves an audiophile, this is a bit of a disappointment in that field.

With that said, I really enjoyed this record and I can see it appealing to a lot of people from punks to metal heads. There is a good variety of material and for the most part the band make up for the short comings of the previous record. If you liked Abominator, pick up As We Die as it is easily the better of the two.


Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Kiss Me As We Die
  2. Beast Like Me
  3. God of Flies
  4. Run For Your Life
  5. Darkside
  6. Witchcraft
  7. King of the Undead
  8. Virgin Sacrifice
  9. We Belong Dead
  10. Show No Mercy
  11. Dark Gods Arise
  12. Blood on the Axe
  13. Night of Sin