Review: Night of the Living Dregs

Night of the Living Dregs, is a great album in a sense that it continues on the same route found on the previous album and for the most part is just as impressive musically as it is entertaining. The opening track Punk Sandwich is a fine example of things to come. The heavy rock opener has some noticeably catchy hooks and features some fantastic instrumental playing from each band member. This continues on through tunes like the excellent, Country House Shuffle, Riff Raff and Long Slow Distance.

To make matters more interesting, the album title track, The BashLeprechaun Promenade and Patchwork are all live tracks. Hearing how the band played live at this point in their career is quite interesting. Dixie Dregs sound genuinely impressive on record but they can even hold their own with the best of the best live, something that we can’t say about many bands out there.

As for the styles of music on Night of the Living Dregs, it is the same sort of stuff from the previous two records. There is the noticeable hard rock quality, the kind that really lets Steve Morse rip on guitar. There is also the heavy jazz influence as well subtle country based undertones. Much like the previous records, the band do a wonderful job of blending these styles together and are showing clear signs of improving as musicians and song writers.

Night of the Living Dregs, is without a doubt more of the same. In some ways you could look at that as a minor gripe with the album. But the band’s sound is still refreshing and interesting, even by 2017’s standards. Not only that, but the record still sounds fantastic in terms of production. These albums are not everyone’s cup of tea, but you can’t deny the superb musicianship found on this record.

For those of you who want something new and complex to listen to, by all means pick this up. But don’t just stop here, try out the other Dixie Dregs albums. These guys clearly have a lot to offer the music world and it is a crying shame they did not get more recognition over the years. Night of the Living Dregs, is by no means their best album but it is a fantastic record regardless.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Punk Sandwich
  2. Country House Shuffle
  3. The Riff Raff
  4. Long Slow Distance
  5. Night of the Living Dregs
  6. The Bash
  7. Leprechaun Promenade
  8. Patchwork