Review: Infinite

The sound on Deep Purple Infinite is very much in line with their classic sound. The guitar of course is heavy with the bass and drums driving the song as you’d expect, but Don Airey’s keyboards and organ is very forward in the mix giving it that authentic ’70s sound. In typical Deep Purple fashion, you will hear a subtle hint of prog rock appearing every now and again despite the simple grooves.

The opening track Time For Bedlam, despite the weird lyrics, has a great groove and some smart melody. It sets the tone for the rest of the album as songs like, Hip Boots and One Night In Vegas, generally have the same style. I enjoyed the lyrics of Johnny’s Band, a great little single and possibly one of the most memorable short songs Deep Purple have released in years.  Get Me Outta Here is a song based down on a drum loop that was purposely slowed down by the bands bass player, Roger Glover. Sadly it takes a charming short song and makes it sound like an awful playback of a warped cassette tape. Clearly these ageing rockers are still snorting enough of the good stuff for this to get past them. What the bloody hell were they thinking? You’d think professionals of their stature would know better than to do something this idiotic on what could be their retirement album. What a waste of some decent material.

Personally speaking, I found a couple of the songs a bit too short. For example, On Top Of The World ends on a solo that sounds like it could have led into a cracking improvisation section and would have been a great area for the band to show off their skills. The mix and mastering is a little loud for my cup of tea. It is clear that the digital age is making the music suffer and would sound considerably better had it been mixed a little quieter.

The album as a whole is really good and most certainly up to the usual standard of Deep Purple’s most recent material. Fans of Now What?! etc, will find plenty to enjoy here on Infinite, and I do recommend acquiring it. It isn’t ground breaking by any means, but at this point in their career, Deep Purple have absolutely nothing to prove. If this does prove to be their final album, I reckon it is a perfect album to go out on. The band play their butts off and the songs are consistently good through out.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Time For Bedlam
  2. Hip Boots
  3. All I Got Is You
  4. One Night In Vegas
  5. Get Me Outta Here
  6. The Surprising
  7. Johnny's Band
  8. On Top of the World
  9. Birds of Prey
  10. Roadhouse Blues (cover)