Review: The Six Elements Vol 4: Air

It is time for our first review for the up coming year. It seems suitable to start the new year off with a bang and that is exactly what is happening. The new album from Dawn of a Dark Age is going to be the first must have album of 2016. Keep on reading to see why I recommend The Six Elements Vol 4: Air so highly.

If you have not read about this band already, you should do some catching up. Dawn of a Dark Age is an independent band that has been making waves with their six part The Six Elements series. The first three chapters Earth, Water and Fire have been praised by anyone lucky enough to hear these albums and rightfully so. We have been covering this band since the début release and it is a pleasure to say that after three great albums, the band have actually taken it to a whole new level with The Six Elements Vol 4: Air.

The first thing to note about this album is that it has been very well produced. The band have opted for a more professional approach this time round and they have clearly benefited from it. This is easily the best sound of the four albums. There is also benefits from having drummer Diego Tasciotti play on the album. This guy is a phenomenal drummer. His tricky rhythms and heavy double bass drum attacks helps improve the over all sound of the band. I have to give the bands new vocalist Lys a quick mention because there is a certainly quality in the vocal performance. It comes across just as eccentric as the actual music and it actually works very well. I like this new approach from the band, it gives them a lot more personality.

At first glance, The Six Elements Vol 4: Air is nothing different for the band. If you have heard any of the previous three albums, then you would of heard this stuff before. However it is clear that this is the bands distinct sound and is strengthened by the very excellent use of melody. Who knew that a clarinet and black metal would go so well together. The melodic nature of the album is the meat of the pie here. It doesn’t matter how heavy the songs become, they are always entwined in such mystique and beauty thanks to the excellent melodies.

Describing The Six Elements Vol 4: Air is really simple. This is an excellent example of quality control. The band have taken all the great parts of their previous three albums and moulded them into four excellent lengthy numbers. There is always something unique and different going on and it is really hard not to get sucked in by this music. It also helps that the album is only thirty seven minutes long leaving no room for filler, none at all. The Six Elements Vol 4: Air is extremely well paced and I honestly have nothing bad to say about it.

To say it outright, I think this album is a black metal classic. I thought the previous three albums were great in their own way but this one really knocks it out the park. I have stuck with this band over the past couple of years knowing one day that something truly great will come out of it and in my opinion this is it. It also makes me wonder, how on Earth is Dawn of a Dark Age going to top this with their next release? I have no idea but it certainly makes the wait even more exciting.

Metal fans should certainly go out their way to acquire a print of this album. Whether you like black metal, melodic metal or progressive metal, this album does it all and it does it exceptionally well.

There is a Dawn of a Dark Age T-Shirt available with the CD album for €27.90 or you can buy the CD by itself for €15:

You can also get more info on the band and their releases HERE.

Rating : 10 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Desperate Echoes from the Wood
  2. Argon Van Beethoven (1%)
  3. Children of the Wind
  4. Darkthrone in the Sky
  5. Jukai
  6. Outro n.4 (Adieu Mon Ami)

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