Review: Blood

Blood is the new album from CJ Wildheart, founding member of the band The Wildhearts. Blood is the third album funded by the guitarist’s PledgeMusic page and released through Devilspit Records.

Blood, is a blistering heavy record that comes at you like a swift kick to the face. The sound comes across as a mix between punk rock due to the heavy use of power chords. But the guitars are wrapped around a lot of double bass drumming and are equipped with quite a thick metallic tone, a slight hint of heavy metal if there ever was one.

If I were to draw comparison to anything, it reminds me of the 1997 American Psycho by the then recently reunited Misfits or perhaps Beat The Bastards by The Exploited . I know a comparison to a post-Danzig Misfits album has a bit of a stigma to it but, I have always enjoyed those albums for what they are and feel no different about, Blood.

With the sound out of the way, time to look at the songs. Well, in my mind, I didn’t hear a single one I would call outright terrible. The song¬†Plastic Invasion kind of killed the albums momentum for me, but it was far from a bad song. My favourite on the album was the third track, Lazybones. The song has a simple rhythm and a great chorus to work alongside that. It is a fine little song that would make a great single. The rest of the tracks are all consistently good, not necessarily the most memorable but they blend into one another perfectly to create great momentum through out.

To wrap things up, CJ Wildheart has a fine album on his hands and I would recommend checking it out if simple but heavy up beat rock or metal is your thing. The record is not long, it is only thirty four minutes long. But the short album length mixed with the highly energetic sound makes for a short but sweet record. A job well done.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Tea Leaf
  2. Gutless
  3. Lazybones
  4. Beak
  5. 50 Percent Indian
  6. Tired of Sex
  7. Kiss It
  8. Plastic Invasion
  9. Itch
  10. Lost In The Game