Review: Revenge On Rock And Roll

Up until now, I had not heard of the band Carousel Vertigo. But upon hearing their then latest music video, No More Hesitatin’, I just had to get a review copy of this album.

I am of the personal opinion that there are many high quality rock bands out there, but so many of them forget what made rock and roll fun in the first place with groups like Faces, Status Quo and Nazareth falling to the wayside. Thankfully, Revenge of Rock And Roll re-assured me that there is still hope for the old school.

On first glance, the previously mentioned single is a good up beat song. It has a very noticeable Little Angels like quality with the big hooks and choruses coming together with a nice sleek production. But it wasn’t until I was blasted with the one two combo, Honey Do and the album title track that we got to the meat of the album. The former has an incredibly catchy shuffle rock rhythm, reminiscent of the days of Status Quo, Uriah Heep, UFO and many other legendary bands. It is a stylistic riff that bands have forgotten exists, which is a shame because it is a great way to generate a lot of energy between the band and their listeners. Think of tracks like Rain and Doctor Doctorthen you’ll understand the kind of vibe this track lets off.

Of course, this isn’t taking anything away from the rest of the album. You’ll find a lot of great tunes that could have been ’70s era rock staples like, Jackie Run Run, Get It On and Well, Alright. What makes this even sweeter is the fact that the album itself has a fine boundary between slick production and keeping that hard rock raw essence that preserves the music and as far from sounding sterile as possible. Even more laid back tunes come across quite strong. Don’t Take It To Heart for example is a thing of beauty with its Lynyrd Skynyrd-esque southern rock groove and the beautifully restrained extended guitar solo. Reminding us of the days when a guitar solo was more than how many notes you could squeeze into eight bars. It isn’t the most energetic song on here but boy, it is easily one of the biggest highlights of the album.

A lot of bands have released good albums recently but none have that magic that is all over this record. From a technical stand point it is nothing fancy or ground breaking but it just hits all the right notes, sounds great doing what it does and does a great job of reminding us what real rock and roll sounds like. As far as albums go, this is about as fresh as I have heard rock this past year and without a doubt one to pick up.

Rating : 9 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. No More Hesitatin'
  2. Honey Do
  3. Revenge of Rock and Roll
  4. Jackie Run Run
  5. Hideaway
  6. Hard Luck Lover
  7. Get It On
  8. Well, Alright
  9. Don't Take It To Heart
  10. May, I Might