Review: Sunbound

Finnish hard rock band Brother Firetribe are back with their fourth attempt at creating catchy ’80s AOR. This style of rock is something that this band has become incredibly skilled at re-creating and in doing so have put out another great album.

In a way, you could look at an album like Sunbound as the band re-treading old ground. There is a lot going on in this record that has already been done multiple times on their past releases. But Brother Firetribe’s sound and enthusiasm for their music keeps the style sounding fresh with the overall feel being an absolute delight on our ears.

For those that are unaware, Brother Firetribe boasts a big rock sound that range from twinkly keyboards, to soaring vocals and lots of guitar acrobatics from Nightwish’s Erno Vuorinen. The bass and drums featuring the bands newest member Hannes Pirila have a great solid sound, very little over playing and more going with the feel and groove of the song.

I honestly can’t see current fans of the band complaining. Songs like Indelible Heroes, Restless Heart and Phantasmagoria are guaranteed to be the exact reason why we listen to this band, they are very catchy. The rest of the songs whilst not exactly original, are quite solid, extremely enjoyable and fulfil their purpose of pleasing those of us with an ’80s hard rock obsession.

Much like the previous album Diamonds In The Firepit, this record is highly enjoyable and very well made. But the song writing lacks that intense choruses and hooks that made Heart Full of Fire such an excellent album. Even with that little niggle, I still loved my time with this album and I would highly recommend Sunbound to those of you who already love this band and to others who enjoy a nice slab of ’80s hard rock.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Sunbound
  2. Help Is On the Way
  3. Indelible Heroes
  4. Taste of a Champion
  5. Last Forever
  6. Give Me Tonight
  7. Shock
  8. Strangled
  9. Hear of the Matter
  10. Restless Heart
  11. Big City Dream
  12. Phantasmagoria

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