Review: Ambiguity

Ambiguity is the 2000 release from the German power metal band Brainstorm. This is a band with a lot of great ideas and talent but fail simply through bad sound and production.

Fans of power metal and all of its happy sounding stereotypes would love a band like Brainstorm. Albums like Liquid Monster and Downburst have a great sound with some top quality musicianship and whilst their early material features some great songs and a lot of quality playing, the fact that they lack a lot in terms of good sound makes it hard for anyone to want to listen to these albums.

Quite frankly, I rather enjoyed the music on Ambiguity but the horrible amateurish production just kills for me personally. The guitars have a horrible thin sound, the drums sound like cardboard boxes and the bass is way too high in the mix. The album as a whole suffers from a disgusting muddy sound that sort of turns everything into a glorified audible pile of slop.

It is an incredible shame too because there are some really good songs here. Crush Depth, Lost Unseen, Demonsion etc are all very good songs with some great guitar playing from Torsten Ihlenfeld and Milan Loncaric respectively, as I mentioned earlier. The bands vocalist Andy Franck seems to be a bit hit or a miss on this record. One moment he is wailing his head off with a beautiful silky powerful voice, the next he is grunting away in what is easily one of the biggest waste of talents out there. The rhythm section also put on a great show with some superb beats from drummer Dieter Bernert and bassist Andreas Mailänder.

This is a good album or it should have been. The music here is all very good, it just has not been very well recorded. I highly recommend checking out the bands later albums before coming to this one and even then, I’d recommend Ambiguity on discount only.

Rating : 7 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Crush Depth
  2. Tear Down the Walls
  3. Beyond My Destiny
  4. Arena
  5. Coming Closer
  6. Darkest Silence
  7. Maharaja Palace
  8. Far Away
  9. Demonsion
  10. Lost Unseen
  11. Perception of Life