Review: These Days

Bon Jovi’s These Days is an album that had a lot to live up to. The albums predecessor was one of the bands most memorable records and had set the bar quite high. Sadly, despite everything going for the band at the time, this 1995 release missed its mark by a long shot.

Growing up in the late ’80s, the first thing I thought when hearing the words Bon Jovi was up beat party music. The kind of music that won’t break ground for its lyrical content but will last the test of time because it is quite simply up lifting and fun to have on in the background. These Days couldn’t be further from that idea and it is quite depressing.

On These Days is an hour or more (depending which version you have) of music, two thirds of which are mind numbing slow ballads. The album starts off quite strong with two solid rockers, Hey God and Something For the Pain. The third track This Ain’t a Love Song is pretty good too for that matter. But what comes afterwards is dull, repetitive and as a lover of Keep The Faith, I found this to be some of the most disappointing music I have heard from a big name artist.

Songs like Lie To Me, Damned, (It’s Hard) Letting You Go and If That’s What It Takes are overly sentimental rubbish. They all have the same tempo and groove making them come across as extremely repetitive. In total, the ballads on These Days take up forty minutes (!!!) of the run time. It feels dragged out and completely unnecessary.

The big positive this album has going for it is the fact that it has been very well produced. The production is crisp and clean sounding, kind of following up from what we got on Keep The Faith. It really suits the bands rock moments and Richie Sambora’s blues guitar moments. Sadly, these moments are few and far between leaving this album feeling empty and pretty shallow.

Compared to Keep The Faith and Slipper When Wet, this is a totally different band. They have subtly moved into the songs for fat middle aged women territory, kind of like a Nickelback of their time.

Rating : 6 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Hey God
  2. Something For the Pain
  3. This Ain't a Love Song
  4. These Days
  5. Lie To Me
  6. Damned
  7. My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms
  8. (It's Hard) Letting You Go
  9. Hearts Breaking Even
  10. Something To Believe In
  11. If That's What It Takes
  12. Diamond Ring
  13. All I Want Is Everything
  14. Bitter Wine