Review: Blind Faith

After the band Cream fell apart, Eric Clapton got together with Steve Winwood of the Spencer Davis GroupRic Grech of Family and Ginger Baker in 1969 to produce a new band and album, Blind Faith.

Riding off the coat tails of their previous success, the four musicians banded together to create another hit album. Blind Faith scored two hits in Can’t Find My Way Home and Presence of the Lord before simply imploding due to the guitarists general lack of interest in the group. What they left behind is a fairly inconsistent but otherwise enjoyable blues rock record.

Those familiar with the style of rock music at the time will find this record a little predictable. It goes through a lot of the same styles and sounds found in bands at the time. The song selection is pretty good for the most part, side A clearly being the strongest of the two. The two previously mentioned hit singles are the strongest of the bunch but the three remaining songs are still of good quality. Unfortunately the album is dragged down by a completely useless and rushed jam called, Do What You Like. The song (which features a lengthy drum solo) is as aimless as you can get and feels like a band trying to slyly fill in some time to make their record appear longer.

I personally didn’t like the production. I felt that the sound was very muddy and it takes a lot of the power out of Eric Clapton’s guitar. A guitar sound that has otherwise sounded incredible up until this point in music history. It is clear that there is a lot of room to improve on Blind Faith. Never the less, the band clearly had a lot going for them and it is a shame that the super group fizzled out like they did. A second album might have corrected the wrongs and perhaps resulted in an all time classic.

But as it is, Blind Faith is a pretty good record for its time. It’s nothing amazing and is definitely lacking in places, but it will fill a hole for anyone with a hunger for late ’60s rock music.

Rating : 7 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Had To Cry Today
  2. Can't Find My Way Home
  3. Well All Right
  4. Presence of the Lord
  5. Sea of Joy
  6. Do What You Like