Review: The Redemption of William Black (Infinite Entanglement Part III)

The Redemption of William Black is the third and final part of Blaze Bayley’s trilogy of albums titled, Infinite Entanglement. The first two records were hailed as a big success, receiving a lot of praise from many music journalists and fans alike. Each record brought something new to the concept and the third in the series is no different.

As I have mentioned in many reviews in the past, I have never been a fan of concept albums. I have always found them to be very pretentious and usually they feature too many insufferable extended numbers. Thanks to Blaze and his gifted band of musicians, we have been given a fresh new take on the concept album. The story is interesting (though it helps to have the album booklet), the songs are varied but never get overly long or dull and the story itself is always moving forward.

The band of misfits featured on the record is a talented bunch and they work very well together. Once again, the guitars are handled by the excellent Chris Appleton. This guy is a lightning fast guitarist who knows when to slow things down and utilise presence over speed and power. It is a mighty gift to have. He is accompanied by the solid rhythmic duo of Karl Schramm and Martin McNee. Both of which put on a great performance. Through out the album you will hear female vocalists in either a duet or backing vocals. It is a nice contrast to Bayley’s very powerful vocal style and is something I would love to hear more of on future albums. There is also a nice guest slot for WWE superstar and Fozzy front man Chris Jericho as well as Iced Earth’s Luke Appleton.

In terms of song writing, I like how each track has been crafted. Each song has been very well paced, they all do their specific thing with some nice uses of guitar and backing rhythm. Some of the songs are considerably shorter than others but for the lack of any real lengthy numbers normally found on a concept album, it helps the album continuously build up momentum until the eventual ending occurs on the epic nine minute long, Eagle Spirit.

The first ballad of the Human Eyes is a real eye opener for anyone who has ever questioned Bayley’s vocal abilities in the past (and you know who you are). The song is not the best on the album but the spine tingling vocal performance is a career best in my opinion and he should certainly feel proud of that one. Another huge album highlight for me is the song, 18 Days. The song starts off with a nice mysterious melodic intro and quickly dives into the mega heavy riff that will just make Iron Maiden fans drool. The way the lead guitar and bass work together on this song is sublime. The instruments are separated, panned hard to the left and right channels. But the tasteful tones of their instruments means that there is just enough clarity to hear what each musician is playing, whilst at the same time it comes together very well and will give many metal fans out there an over whelming feeling of ecstasy.

When it comes down to the sound and overall quality of the record, it is very much just as good as its two predecessors. The sound through out the albums is very consistent, this means that playing each album back to back will be a very smooth transition and one I look forward to doing in the future.

To put this plain and simple, this album is fantastic. The trilogy in itself is fantastic and at this point, it is safe to say that Blaze Bayley has created a modern classic in these three albums. When the biggest (apparently best) metal bands in the world take three or more years to put out an album of the same tired nonsense, it really shows the passion, conviction and energy that has been put into this album and the two before it.

Rating : 9 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Redeemer
  2. Are You Here
  3. Immortal One
  4. The First True Sign
  5. Human Eyes
  6. Prayers of Light
  7. 18 Days
  8. Already Won
  9. Life Goes On
  10. The Dark Side of Black
  11. Eagle Spirit