Review: Amoretum Vol. 1

Black Space Riders are a stoner rock band from Germany. The band who got together in 2008 have released four albums, an EP and now their fifth full length studio album, Amoretum Vol. 1.

I have to admit that I saw the label stoner rock, I did kind of fear for my ears. I have never been into that style of rock music, but even I have to admit when the music is pretty good. The laid back vibes and out of this world melodies is simply not my thing, but you’ll find that it has been done to a very effective level here on, Amoretum Vol. 1

Much like other stoner rocker bands, I find that the group lack a little variety in their sound. Most of the songs are mid tempo, very melodic and somewhat sombre in tone. But there are a few songs here and there that really brighten up the album and it is thanks to these numbers that I found this album to be more than the usual bore.

Two good examples would be the eight minute epic, Movements. The song starts off as a slow Bowie like track and eventually evolves into a hard and heavy metal track. The melody in the first half is relaxing and a little out there, then when the harder riffs come into, they also have quite a hook. It is a great contrast and they bridge into one another perfectly. It also provides the album with some much needed variety to the album. Talking of a harder sound, Come and Follow is a heavy hitting song with a great groove that is very reminiscent of the early nu-metal days. Even though the song kind of creeps into the rap metal sub-genre on the final minute, the bass and drums provide a great backing rhythm that really drives the song forward.

Together with enjoyable bundle of songs there is some quality production, the kind that keeps the music raw but sounding professional all the same. I really enjoyed the warm tone of the bass guitar and the live in the studio sound to the drums, it really reminded me how much better bands sound when they ditch the modern sterile sound of modern recording.

As an album, I think this might be one that a lot of stoner rock fans might enjoy. I am not into this kind of thing and I found it reasonably well made as well as entertaining. If that counts for something then by all means give the album a listen.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Lovely Lovelie
  2. Another Sort of Homecoming
  3. Soul Shelter (Inside of Me)
  4. Movements
  5. Come and Follow
  6. Friends Are Falling
  7. Fire! Fire! (Death of a Giant)
  8. Fellow Peacemakers