Review: State of the World Address

On the back of a massively successful collaboration with Onyx on the Judgement Night soundtrack, Biohazard minted a big time recording deal with Warner Bros. Records and returned with their third studio album State of the World Address.

Biohazard is arguably one of the consistent (or stubborn) thrash metal acts going during the first half of the 1990s. On Urban Discipline it was a blessing as the album benefitted from stronger execution and carrying more conviction overall. On State of the World Address it is curse. A new dressing in the form of the souped-up production and the introduction of a plethora of guitar solos can’t hide the fact that this is more or less the same Biohazard as before. For better or for worst.

The additional noise seems to have robbed Biohazard‘s music of its potency. Lyrically the band are on point as title song suggests with lines such as “We pollute the air we breathe and the water that we drink / Modern tempers rage and seethe why don’t we stop and think?” and “State of panic we hang by a thread / The earth will be safe when we’re all dead”. If you are expecting George Orwell on the other hand then well; you are shit out of luck.

There are some great songs here such as the aforementioned title song State of the World Address. How It Is, a collaboration with Cypress Hill‘s Sen Dog and DJ Lethal, carries enough rhythm and aggression and is surprisingly catchy despite it’s bleak and self-defeatist message. Other songs are very similar in delivery but lack the standout element or the constituent parts make for vacillating listening.

Urban Discipline was a greater statement of an album than State of the World Address although no one will argue that the latter is a better album in terms of pure musicianship and sound. Biohazard‘s saving grace is that despite being thrusted into the limelight by a big record label, they have not detracted or altered from what got them there in the first place. They are still pure thrash with a little more rap than before and that is a more than commendable achievement.

Rating : 6 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. State of the World Address
  2. Down for Life
  3. What Makes Us Tick
  4. Tales from the Hard Side
  5. How It Is
  6. Remember
  7. Five Blocks to the Subway
  8. Each Day
  9. Failed Territory
  10. Lack There Of
  11. Pride
  12. Human Animal
  13. Cornered
  14. Love Denied