Review: Bringer Of Pain

Battle Beast are back with their highly anticipated fourth album, their first without the original member Antom Kabanen. After a nasty dispute he was replaced with Joona Björkroth, a fine capable guitarist on an album that for the most part is bloody good fun.

Those that are familiar with the previous two Battle Beast albums will be very happy with what they have to deliver on Bringer of Pain. The band have continued in that pop orientated metal style that attracted a lot of fans over the past few years.

Songs like the opener Straight To The Heart, King For A Day and Familiar Hell are all very catchy songs with a great sense of rhythm and a chorus that is pretty hard to forget. There are heavier moments like Bringer of Pain that will satisfy fans of the bands first album. Unfortunately the standard edition of the album has eight good songs, with the last two being easily the worst songs Battle Beast have released. Dancing With The Beast has a horrible sterile dance beat and Far From Heaven is a standard power ballad. Both songs are mind numbingly boring and could have easily been left off the album.

The problem with this is that Bringer of Pain is already a short thirty nine minute long album. Leave these two songs off and you have thirty one minutes of good music. I like my albums short and sweet but that is just silly. Fans of the band need to be sure that they’re picking up the special edition which features three bonus tracks, three tracks that are no doubt better than these two and should have been on the album anyway.

With a nice professional tight production and a continuation of their excellent Unholy Saviour sound, Battle Beast have put out another good album. It had just enough to keep this fan happy and I would recommend checking it out. But as I mentioned earlier, make sure not to get stiffed and buy the extended edition for the additional tracks.

With Bringer of Pain out of the way, Battle Beast have proven they can go on without their past members. The problem now lies in the fact that if they keep this sound going, their music will quickly become stale. We have seen this with the likes of Sabaton, a band who stuck to their guns and recorded in a style that proved popular eventually turning into a bit of a self parody. Hopefully with their next album, Battle Beast have the sense to expand their sound and grow as a band.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Straight to the Heart
  2. Bringer of Pain
  3. King for a Day
  4. Beyond the Burning Skies
  5. Familiar Hell
  6. Lost in Wars
  7. Bastard Son of Odin
  8. We Will Fight
  9. Dancing with the Beast
  10. Far From Heaven
  11. God of War
  12. The Eclipse
  13. Rock Trash