Review: Metal Resistance

Even after the past couple of years, Babymetal still attract a lot of hateful emotions because they apparently are not worthy of the attention that they have been receiving. I think the words “Up Yours!” is the appropriate phrase to those people who doubted this group. I personally think that their début album is one of the finest albums I have heard this generation and to top that off, Metal Resistance is an album that improves on the original whilst showing a band growing and learning.

Just to get this out of the way, the only thing that bothers me about this album is the fairly standard opening track, Road To Resistance. There is something in this song that just bothers me. Much like Dragonforce’s hit single Through Fire And Flame, there is very little substance and no real hook. It is a fun enough song but it just feels like an excuse for a really fast guitar solo. This kind of track appeals to the more teenage audience (who make up the majority of Dragonforce fans) who haven’t got through the “fast is best” phase of heavy metal. It is a little too juvenile for me but it is by no means a bad song.

Now onto the rest of the album. I think Metal Resistance is without a doubt a huge improvement on the original album. Despite my love for the original Babymetal album, there is no denying it was a little bit repetitive in places. This problem however was fixed with the extremely eccentric styles on Metal Resistance. You’ll find everything from speed metal to dance beats and then some. There is even two ballads No Rain, No Rainbow and The One which don’t interfere with the bands momentum at all. These songs are well crafted ’80s style ballads with some excellent vocal performances.

Yava! and Karate could of very easily have come from the band’s début album. However Amore for example sounds like Helloween and other power metal bands, Meta Taro has that stomping Manowar rhythm. A real head banging track that should sound absolutely brilliant live. This is easily one of my favourite tracks on the album. GJ! is a cracking little rap metal number. I am against the general idea of rapping as it tends to involve no real talent. This song however has a steady flow in the rhythm and really brings back the times when you needed to have a little funk to perform a word rap. This is a surprisingly good tune that whilst is not very original just sort of feels good in the big picture. The band clearly have some chops and this is displayed on the aggressive death metal number Sis. Anger or the impressive progressive rock track Tales of the Destinies. This track is going to surprise quite a few people. This song sheds the cutesy vibe and brings out some weird time signatures as well as rhythms that are borderline jazz fusion. This is a complex little song, easily the most unique the band have recorded so far. It does not matter which track you pick, you will find some godly guitar playing, some strong vocal performances and so much up lifting music. I’m starting to wonder if doctors across the world should be prescribing this music as a stress reliever.

Metal Resistance is a fantastic album, there is no getting away from that fact. I love this record and I am very happy that the band managed to achieve this kind of success a second time around. Suzuka Nakamoto is clearly improving as a vocalist and she has some spine tingling moments on this album. Babymetal are at this point one of the most unique and overly talented bands out there right now. I am so glad that they have proven the hateful metal heads wrong by throwing their weight around with a magnificent second album.

Now we just have to harass the right person to get the band to perform in Scotland. \m/

Note: After noticing someone’s comment, I thought I should mention that thanks to a certain someone we managed to get a Japanese copy also.

Rating : 10 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Road to Resistance
  2. Karate
  3. Awadama Fever
  4. Yava!
  5. Amore
  6. Meta Taro
  7. Syncopation (Japan Only)(From Dusk Till Dawn: everywhere else)
  8. GJ!
  9. Sis. Anger
  10. No Rain, No Rainbow
  11. Tales of the Destinies
  12. The One