Review: Where All Hope Fades

A lack of serious originality seems to be a more frequent problem in the modern metal world, even more so then when Krokus were reasonably popular. It is because of this that I have started to find listening to death metal and doom metal albums to be extremely frustrating.

With an album like Where All Hope Fades, the band Ataraxy prove to everyone that they are relatively poor song writers and have absolutely no imagination what so ever. The band have opted for some stock death metal mixed in with some stereotypical doom metal. The mix of the two genres makes a Daniel O’Donnell concert sound like a Led Zeppelin reunion. It is about as bland as you could probably imagine from that description.

When the band are not boring the listener senseless with some mindless slow chord strumming, they’re thrashing their guitars to the same death metal riffs that quite literally every other band of the genre have used. Over the top of this is some mind numbing indecipherable growling vocals and some of the most uninspired drumming I have heard in about a week.

To the bands credit, the production is pretty good by death metal standards. But that does not rescue the album from sheer mediocrity. I can’t imagine recommending this album to anybody out there and those that do take an interest, well you’ll find more exciting music from Coldplay and Adele.

Rating : 5 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. The Absurdity of a Whole Cosmos
  2. Matter Lost In Time
  3. One Last Certainty
  4. As Uembras d'o Hibierno
  5. The Mourning Path
  6. The Blackness of Eternal Night