Review: From Gold To Ash

You’d think after all these years, that I’d develop a thick skin when it comes to doom metal. Well, that is not the case and I feel a fair bit of disappointment in Apostle of Solitude’s 2018 release, From Gold To Ash.

If I dislike the genre, how could I possibly be disappointed? Well, that is the thing here. From Gold To Ash starts off with three really good songs. They’re reasonably up tempo, have great heavy riffs and are a joy to listen to. But it is the songs afterwards that brings the album down. Once the record hits track four, the bands sound de-evolves into the slow, plodding doom metal sound that I have come to despise.

It is a shame too because those first three tracks proved to me that Apostle of Solitude have a knack for writing good riffs and can play them accordingly. Everything works out perfectly on those tracks. The guitar tone is suitably heavy, the drums are thunderous and raw with vocals which lack power but make up for in the soft haunting tone. These qualities are otherwise wasted for the last half hour of the album.

It also doesn’t help that the slow doom songs are all of the same tempo, have the same structure and very similar melodies and riffs. It is the exact same problem every single one of these doom metal bands have and is the exact reason I am sick to death of hearing them. They all sound the same and Apostle of Solitude is no different.

From Gold To Ash, starts off as a promising record and quickly sinks into mediocrity. It is a shame really. The band clearly played into their strengths on the first three songs and I wish they had stuck to it.

Rating : 7 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Overlord
  2. Ruination By Thy Name
  3. Autumn Moon
  4. Keeping the Lighthouse
  5. My Heart Is Leaving Here
  6. Monochrome (Discontent)
  7. Grey Farewell