Review: Headful of Hate (EP)

Californian thrashers Angerhead return in 2014 with their second EP dubbed Headful of Hate. The well received band choosing to work with engineer Juan Urteaga, who counts thrash metal veterans such as Exodus, Heathen, Testament and Sadus in an impressive CV.

Whilst the band opted to record a video for the song, Destroy the Trend, it is arguably one of the EP’s weakest track. It is well performed and vaguely memorable run-of-the-mill thrash metal song that most Bay Area and East Coast thrash metal band could have punched out. It’s laudable but ultimately unimpressive.

Endless Nightmares however is a sublime slab of thrash metal with a groove laden and head bang inducing riff-filled of a song. It’s swaggers with the kind of conviction that made early-days (signed) of Pantera so memorable. Whilst Enemy lays it on thick by going retrograde and back to basics of punk. No Regrets concludes this four track with crushing and pulsating number which even sees the band stopping for breath.

Headful of Hate is a very good EP filled to the brim with some excellently performed thrash metal. Unlike others, Angerhead seem to be comfortable sharing all the tricks and enthusiasm from all the various facets of thrash metal in one form or another. From punk / proto-thrash through to the groove laden to the bone crunching, there is a little bit for all here. An excellent way to tease for the main album.


Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Destroy The Trend
  2. Endless Nightmares
  3. Enemy
  4. No Regrets