Review: Pretties For You

We are approaching the 50th anniversary of the Alice Cooper band and the release of their debut album, Pretties For You. The bands debut record is an eccentric album that doesn’t quite hit the mark, but shows a lot of promise in a band that would create so many timeless classics.

Pretties For You, is very clearly a band who have yet to come out of their shell and grow as musicians. A lot of the music on the record is ambitious, energetic and features quite a loud heavy sound for the late ’60s. The style of music is clearly rock but bridges on entering the jazz territory every now and again. This little jump in styles creates an interesting almost progressive rock style that was growing popular at the time.

There are plenty of strange moments from the numerous interludes like 10 Mintues Before the Worm and Today Mueller, to more fleshed out lengthy numbers like Sweet Low Sweet Cherio and Fields of Regret. Each track has this psychedelic sound and production style that really dates the music. Any experiences music listener will know that this record was recorded in the late ’60s and it really suffers for that.

The song writing shows signs of the clever wit and skill that we’ll see in later albums, but their talent is yet to be fully realised. I wouldn’t call Pretties For You a necessary rock purchase, even for Alice Cooper fans. But for those who enjoy this period in music, you will find some great stuff to listen to here. It is a respectable first effort, that much is for certain.

Rating : 6 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Titanic Overture
  2. 10 Minutes Before the Worm
  3. Sing Low, Sweet Cheerio
  4. Today Mueller
  5. Living
  6. Fields of Regret
  7. No Longer Umpire
  8. Levity Ball
  9. B.B. On Mars
  10. Reflected
  11. Apple Bush
  12. Earwigs to Eternity
  13. Changing Arranging