Rockshots sign SoulHealer; releases new single

Rockshots Records have announced the signing of the Finnish heavy metal band, SoulHealer. The signing coincides with the release of the bands fourth full length studio album, Up From the Ashes. The record is due to be released on September 14th in Europe and September 21st in North America.

SoulHealer play traditional heavy and power metal with an old fashioned 80’s attitude blended with a modern metal touch. Their catchy lyrics and unforgettable guitar riffs delivers the perfect soundtrack to both 80’s lovers and the new fans alike looking for great melodies and easy-to-remember songs.

Guitarist Teemu Kuosmanen comments: “Our upcoming album will be a killer! This is our fourth album and the first one we took our time with. Our previous albums “Chasing the Dream” and especially the third “Bear the Cross” we rushed to compose and record. Both albums included really good songs but I can’t stop thinking how good they could be if we didn’t hurry them. Now we look forward and this upcoming album has matured slowly and we have taken time to make the arrangements better. I’m sure our fans will love this album. They will find something new but the soul of SoulHealer will still be there.”

Soulhealer – Up From the Ashes Track List:

  1. Up From the Ashes
  2. Through Fire and Ice
  3. Fly Away
  4. Sins of My Father
  5. Prepare For War
  6. Pitch Black
  7. The Final Judgement
  8. Behind Closed Doors
  9. Am I In Hell
  10. Land of the Free