KormaK releases new music video Faerenus

Italian folk metal band KormaK have released a brand new music video for their single, Faerenus. The song is the title track of the bands new album which was released this past June by Rockshots Records.

Faerenus originally premiered at New Noise Magazine, but can be viewed below via Youtube alongside the albums track list and album art.

For fans of Ensiferum, Heidevolk, Amon Amarth and Folkearth, KormaK‘s debut album delves into the concept of madness and what this is caused by. Indeed “Faerenus” is the ethereal place where the hidden fears come to life by creating times, places and divinities where the mind self-evolves until all the memories are mutated into obsessive nightmares with no escape.

KormaK – Faerenus Track List:

  1. Amon
    march of Demise
  2. Sacra Nox
  3. The Goddess’ Song
  4. The Hermit
  5. Faerenus
  6. Patient No. X
  7. July 5th
  8. Eterea El