The Crawling have released their new video Poison Orange

The Northern Ireland based band The Crawling have released their fifth music video, Poison Orange. The video is based on a song about the experience of being in a room when someone dies and only the narrator is aware. This subsequently forces the responsibility of telling others present, the person is dead. People react very differently to such an event; Poison Orange explores the rejection of reality, and the inevitable realisation of the truth. The video captures that dark, isolated experience perfectly.

Anatomy of Loss which was released last year in April, 2017. You can read more on the album, listen to a full album stream and check out the previous singles below.

If you like what you hear, purchase the album below:



The band are currently streaming their debut album, Anatomy of Loss, check it out below via Soundcloud. This brutal slab of metal scored a solid 9/10 on Demonszone’s review page and has been scoring highly everywhere else.

Andy Clarke comments, Anatomy of Loss is an album inspired by true events. It examines experiences of the band first hand, and what we see in our everyday lives. In short, it is a collection of stories about loss, regret and despondency. It looks at how people develop mechanisms to cope with grief, failure and heartbreak; and more often than not – the inability to do so. The recording process consisted of fun, despair, rage and subsequently immense satisfaction. Translating a song from the rehearsal studio to record is a daunting task, but this album was particularly challenging.”

“I have my own studio, so we figured we would simply invest in ourselves, and spend far too many hours ensuring everything was captured just as we wanted. The results were inspiring; we have a heavy, clear and vigorous production showcasing the songs perfectly.”

For those of you that are unaware of The Crawling. The band released their debut single, Choking On Concrete all the way back in 2015. They have released a three track EP called In Light of Dark which scored highly with us at Demonszone (Check out the review here!). They have also had notable performances at Inferno Metal Festival and Bloodstock Open Air respectively.

If you want to catch their previous releases, check out their Bandcamp page here!

The Crawling – Anatomy of Loss Track List:

  1. An Immaculate Deception
  2. Poison Orange
  3. Acid On My Skin
  4. All Our Failings
  5. The Right To Crawl
  6. Violence Vanity and Neglect
  7. Catatonic