Revertigo reveals new lyric video False Flag

Revertigo is a band formed by Mat Levén and Anders Wikström. Together they recorded and released their self titled debut album on February 23rd, 2018 via Frontiers Music Srl.

The band have released multiple singles, their most recent is a track called False Flag. You can listen to this song alongside the bands previous singles below via Youtube.

Anders says:Mats and I always had an idea of creating something that would celebrate the fact that we really enjoy working together, but with busy separate music careers, it wasn’t until 2016, we sat down and concentrated on new songs with a firm plan.”

Adds Mats: “The fact that we, besides writing for other international artists, hadn’t done a proper album together in twenty-five years also gave the writing and recording process of REVERTIGO a purpose.”

Revertigo Track List:

  1. Hoodwinked
  2. Sailing Stones
  3. Symphony of Fallen Angels
  4. The Cause
  5. Gate of the Gods
  6. False Flag
  7. Unobtanium
  8. Luciferian Break Up
  9. Joan of Arc
  10. Break Away
  11. In Revertigo