Stillborn to release early demos on CD for first time

For the band’s twentieth anniversary, Polish death / black metal band Stillborn will reissue their first two demos on CD for the first time. The production run will be limited to 300 copies.

Original versions of Mirrormaze (originally released in 1999) and Die In Torment 666 (originally released in 2001) will be released on a single CD in addition to two previously unreleased tracks recorded during the recording sessions of the two demos.

You can pre-order your copy on Godz ov War Productions official store website here. Whilst the digital release is available on BandCamp here.

The cover, the artwork and the whole layout of the release were handled by Bartek Kurzok. A special booklet will feature notes about little known facts from 1998-2001 that comes from the band’s archives.

The track listing is as follows.

01. Crave for Killing
02. Hefaystos
03. Die In Torment
04. Nailed Hessus
05. Mirrormaze
06. Morphine Laboratory
07. Stillborn
08. Artror City
09. Molestation
10. Iconoclast (Mirromaze Era version)
11. Keep Dying
12. Blasphemous Perversion
13. Whore
14. Millenium of Hatred
15. Blood, Chains & Whips
16. Iconoclast (D.I.T.666 Era version)
17. God Is Good

The band have finished recording their next release, an EP titled ‘Crave for Killing’, which contains nearly twenty minutes of material. The premiere has been scheduled for early spring 2018 as limited 12″ MLP, limited jewel-case CD and limited MC.