The Dead Centuries premier song Attack of the Mutant

The Dead Centuries have released the a new single for their upcoming album. The song is titled, Attack of the Mutant and is taken from the bands debut album. The record is called, Race Against Time and is due to be released on January 26th, 2018.

Guitarist Adam Tremblett comments: “The album title “Race Against Time” is loosely representative of the experience writing, recording, and preparing the collection of songs. Throughout the process there have been band member changes, last minute rewrites, and several other testing circumstances. These have only served to further determine The Dead Centuries to release a high quality release that truly represents the band as a whole.”

Composing and performing technically precise instrumental progressive metal, THE DEAD CENTURIES are rich in virtuosity, melody, compositional skills, and most importantly…they create superb music to listen to. This isn’t the sound of three musicians showing off their undoubted skills, rather they are serving their songs above all else, with every fibre of their beings, every neuron firing in their minds, every tendon in their bodies. In a sense it is as if the three musicians that make up THE DEAD CENTURIES have become one mind in their own music.

The Dead Centuries – Race Against Time Track List:

  1. Freddy Lounds
  2. Gotham
  3. Reboot
  4. Tree Fort
  5. Blood Dragon
  6. Attack of the Mutant
  7. Venus Gospel
  8. Overdrive
  9. Attack of the Mutant pt. II
  10. Souvenir