Stryper’s Oz Fox talks about their former bassist, Tim Gaines replies!

Oz Fox, guitarist for the religious metal band Stryper was recently interviewed by The Liquid Conversations podcast. The podcast is hosted by Aaron Nordstrom of Gemini Syndrome and radio veteran Shawn SixX.

Fox says about Gaines“I have to be careful what I say, but listen, people get mad and they get angry and they say stuff, and that’s all there is to it. And I still love Timmy very much — I care about him. I’m really bummed out that it ended up the way it did. So what else can I say? I can’t really say much, because I can’t talk about it. But he was with the band for a long time, and I was in another band with him before that, during the time we weren’t together as STRYPER. And, you know, when things go wrong, then you have to kind of pick up the pieces and keep moving, and he’s doing that in his own life. It sounds like he’s moving on, which is great. And we’ve gotta do that — that’s the way it is in this world. And if it means that I have to take some hits because somebody’s angry, I guess I’ve gotta take some hits — I mean, not physically, but, you know…”

After the interview was published on the popular website Blabbermouth.netTim Gaines himself let rip on the truths behind his split behind Stryper, revealing a little more information than what has currently been said.

Sorry OZ, I havent done drugs since 82… but if you want to go there? There was always one addict in the band, but I guess that’s changed now to two addicts? 
I won’t name anyone… I’ve never been arrested for DUI nor have I totalled my car.

I’ve always been open about my love for great beer. I like Heineken, but I wasn’t the one hiding Jack Daniels and Captn Morgan on the bus. And my wife doesnt throw down 3 or 4 bottles of wine a night either.. and end up needing the crew to hold her up while her husband is walking the streets in a drunken stupor of oblivion while fans look on. Pathetic hypocrites. 

If you want to go with who wasn’t showing up? I was always there early while YOU guys were wasting MY time ordering Starbucks and arriving late. I showed up early and was the last to leave, so don’t even talk about my dedication.. Your leader wasted everyones time with his indicisiveness, and self centered ways. 

The reason I was booted from the band is because I wouldnt take shit from an ego maniac and his wifager, nor be threatened to be kicked out if I didn’t break it off with the woman who I love and who is now my wife. Who the hell are you to tell me who I can be with? Did I ever tell you my feelings on you being with a prositute? You would prefer me to remain miserable in a bad marriage rather than be happy? More truth…

It wasn’t my place to question how your leader led his life during the days following his wifes passing. When he was sleeping with his current wife on our tour bus, or moving in with her before they were married?
It wasn’t even a thought, as I was always one to show GRACE and LOVE, and stand behind my brothers, whether I agreed with their choices or not. 

No, I think I’ve shown enough love and grace and forgiveness, given the fact that your leader was caught making out with my ex wife. No Oz, the POS that your leader is needs to be brought to the publics attention. He, as well as you, would have the public believe in a lie. The POS shall be exposed and will be found out for who and what he really is… Do you want to go there? You’re just a pawn. You can redeem yourself. 

No, the problem was not me, it was you not having the balls to stand up for your brother. The real sad part is that you allowed it to happen. You handed everything to your leader. He controls you. Sad that you have no control over your own destiny. You are pathetically fucked. Good luck.