Antisect to release The Rising of the Lights in October

Early ’80s punk veterans Antisect have announced the release date for their new album. The band will be releasing the album titled, The Rising of the Lights on October 13th, 2017 through Rise Above Records.

“For me, it was pointless doing this again if all it was going to be about was some mid-life, half arsed, nostalgia-filled ego trip,” says Pete.¬†“I am a politicised¬†person and have been since my early twenties and that tends to get reflected in what I do. Consequently I couldn’t do this if I didn’t feel that the band was still relevant in that context. So I guess a major inspiration was that the band still has something to say that connects with her and now.”

“Musically, since ‘In Darkness…’ we’ve obviously changed quite a lot,” Pete explains. “But, as anyone who saw the band in the later years will probably figure, we’re not actually that far removed from where we ended up. A little bit more sophisticated maybe, but still pretty similar, as the inclusion of re-workings of some of the older material on the new LP should illustrate. There’ll always be those who would prefer we stayed in the vein of 1985 or whatever, but that’s just not gonna happen. I still pretty much believe in the same things I did when the first LP was written, but it would have been a bit crap to simply rehash those lyrical themes, so maybe the content on this one is a little more introspective here and there. But I’m still a political animal.¬†That’s the way it is and I can’t really see myself changing now.”

AntisectThe Rising of the Lights Track List:

  1. Spirit – Level
  2. The Last Ones Standing
  3. Weapons of Mass Distraction
  4. Acolyte
  5. Welcome to the New Dark Ages
  6. Rise the Lights
  7. Black
  8. Something to Hate
  9. Scared To Die