End of Green releases Dark Side of the Sun music video

END OF GREEN has found their very own standpoint in the cosmos of music. Germany’s strongest Dark Rock-band have once again lacerated their lesions with Void Estate! After 25 years of agony they release their ninth opus. Inside of a maze of Goth, Doom, Metal, doleful alternative and deep-rooted pain, they are desperate to find hope. Now it’s time to get a proper insight into the “Dark Side Of The Sun” – their new music video. The new album will be out on August 18th 2017 via Napalm Records!

The band states: “When it comes to astrophysics: None of us is experienced enough to tell if there maybe really is a dark side of the sun. Neil deGrasse Tyson just won’t answer his phone, which is kind of a bummer.  Probably nothing good is happening there. In case you travel there, take this song with you. If you’re not planning a vacation: Take care, anyway.”

End of Green – Void Estate Track List:

  1. Send in the Clowns
  2. Dark Side of the Sun
  3. The Door
  4. Head Down
  5. Crossroads
  6. The Unseen
  7. Dressed in Black Again
  8. Mollodrome
  9. Worn and Torn
  10. City of Broken Thoughts
  11. Like a Stranger
  12. Leave This Town (bonus)