Video of Soundgarden / Chris Cornell’s last show appears online

A YouTuber by the moniker of “Uncle Sam – Alive in Detroit” has posted a number of videos of Soundgarden‘s performance last night at the Fox Theater in Detroit.

Unknown at the time of recording, the videos now showcase Chris Cornell‘s last ever performance on 17th May before the singer was found dead in his hotel room.

Dontae Freeman, a spokesperson for the Detroit Police Department, has been quoted that the cause of death could have been suicide. The spokesperson commented; “at present our investigation is leaning toward the possibility of suicide, but we must wait for a medical report to determine the cause of death. At this time we cannot release too much information about what we observed in Cornell‘s hotel room or what led us to this conclusion.”

You can watch the performance of Jesus Christ Pose on YouTube below. Or click here to view this, plus other videos which have been uploaded.

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