Watch Shine On music video by Overkill

Thrash metal veterans Overkill have released a music video for the song, Shine On. The new song is from their album, The Grinding Wheel which was released on February 10th, 2017 via Nuclear Blast Records. Check out the video below.

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Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth: “Let’s keep this rolling. ‘Mean, Green, Killing Machine’, the opening track — brand new, from us to you! Bang thy head.”

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Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth comments“Grinding on! Here we come again kids, strapped to the Grinding Wheel! Bang your head.”

In a recent interview with Brian Aberback of, Bobby Ellsworth of thrash veterans Overkill described the meaning behind the band’s next album, Grinding Wheel.

Blitz said: “When we were looking for a title, when you think in terms of the word ‘grind,’ you think of something that is relentless and doesn’t wear down, whether it be an old stone mill or something metallic where sparks are flying through it. It’s about an all-purpose tool through all time. It’s a good, quality OVERKILL record.”

Read the entire Interview (HERE).

Overkill – The Grinding Wheel Track List:

  1. Mean Green Killing Machine
  2. Goddamn Trouble
  3. Our Finest Hour
  4. Shine On
  5. The Long Road
  6. Let’s All Go To Hades
  7. Come Heavy
  8. Red White And Blue
  9. The Wheel
  10. The Grinding Wheel