Abbath storms off Inferno Festival after three songs!

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Fans have expressed outrage after ex-Immortal legend Abbath has bailed on his Inferno Metal Festival headlining slot. The show features such artists as Gorgoroth, Venom Inc, Destruction and Carcass over the course of three days. Unfortunately the event finished with a rather negative end as a rather intoxicated Abbath walked off stage after destroying his guitar.

According to crowd members on social media, the band managed to get through three songs when the black metal legend got upset at some technical issues with his guitar, trashed his equipment and never came back to finish his set.

Fans are already voicing their opinion:

“Fuck Abbath!”

“That Was Bullshit”

Andy Clarke, member of the popular up coming band The Crawling (check out their debut album here) commented:

Yep, Abbath stormed off after 3 songs and ain’t coming back. Fuckin hell like? What a disgraceful end to Inferno.” 

Abbath recently left (or was fired) from the Immortal after issues with the other two band members. They claimed that Abbath’s alcohol issues got in the way of making music and have since went on to record a new album without him.

Abbath himself released a self titled debut album which scored well with critics. You can read our review here.