Former Ghouls taking Ghost band leader to court

The world of Ghost and Papa Emeritus has been quite gossip heavy this past few months with former members revealing themselves, talking in a negative lights in regards to their former band leader as well as line up changes. Well, we now have a lawsuit to add to that list.

Yes, it seems that four former members of Ghost are suing Papa Emeritus (also known as Tobias Forge) in regards to supposedly cheating them out of profits from the bands album releases, world tours and merchandise.

The lawsuit filed claims that Forge controlled the band’s business affairs with absolutely no input from anyone else in the group after a decision was made within the group that a partnership agreement existed between them and Forge, which put forge in charge of the band’s management duties.

The former Nameless Ghouls are asking the court to order Forge to Disclose the company’s revenues for the years 2011 and 2016. If he fails to act as ordered, they are asking court to force Forge to pay a penalty of SEK 200,000 or whatever the court deems reasonable. asked Forge about the lawsuit, Forge said: “I can’t comment on it because it is a legal process. The lawsuit will be answered fairly soon by my legal counsel.”

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Previous Article: Despite the fact that revealing the identity of Ghost’s Nameless Ghouls is not a priority for fans, has went out their way to let everyone know the name of the bands new keyboard player.

Naturally this is all rumour but the metal website have said that the musician is none other than Korn’s Zac Baird. Baird tweeted on March 24th commenting that it was his first show, that he was in London and in costume.

For those unaware, Ghost kicked off their Popestar UK tour on March 24th. You can find some performance videos below the tweet.

Note: Baird has since made his profile private.


This comes not long after it was revealed that in an interesting interview with, one of Ghost’s guitarists has revealed that the band have went through no more then ten line up changes through out their short years. Read the quote below and the full interview here!

Ghoul: “This is actually a problem with this project. For many musicians this is not satisfactory. That is why we had many changes. Ten in the meantime. On the other hand, one can get out of one’s own artist’s role and look a little more objectively. You never see yourself as the others see you. And you always see only how you want to be. This is a problem for many.”

Ghoul: “I’ve created the whole project. I’ve been working for six years, composing, designing stage shows, giving interviews. I feel recognised. This is more difficult for others.”

In other Ghost news, former Ghost member Omega has revealed his identity in a video that you will find below. The musician has been revealed himself to be Martin Persner of the band Magna Carta Cartel. Check out the video.

It was previously reported that Omega had left the band and had been replaced with a supposed female musician who went by the name of Water. Check out that article here. 

More recent rumours have been circulating that Papa Emeritus has sacked the entire band and the members featured in the up coming album and tour are completely fresh faces. Check that article here! 

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