Sand releases Haggard Hawk music video

Psychedelic power trio band Sand have released a music video for their single, Haggard Hawk. The song is an animated three dimensional clip directed by Joe Presser and can be watched below.

Regarding the video, director Joe Presser says, “The song has a bouncy sort of feel with odd time signatures, so I made all the cameras as close to hand-held as I could and angled them to parallel that rhythmic angularity. Cel-shaded in highly contrasted 3-D animation, and referencing 70s B-movie tones, warriors swing skip-its atop four-horned, overgrown wildebeests like something out of the No Fear folders in your five-star binder. A shaman shakes a Polaroid and a Stretch-Armstrong/Barbie effigy in preparation for a ritual reminiscent of a vintage Nickelodean sliming.”