Babymetal to release Live In Tokyo double album and film in April!

Babymetal are non stop when it comes to releasing live albums. The Japanese trio are releasing yet another concert DVD and this time it will be also released as a double Bluray and as a four disc CD collection. The set is Live At Tokyo which was recorded in front of 110,000 over the space of two nights. You will be able to pick up this new concert on April 12th, watch the impressive trailer below.

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Metal Resistance:

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Babymetal – Live At Tokyo Dome Track List:

Red Night (September 19, 2016) [Blu-ray Disc 1 / CD Disc 1 & 2]

1. Road of Resistance
2. Yava!
3. Line!
4. Syncopation
5. Amore
6. GJ!
7. Akumu No Rondo
8. Song 4
9. Catch Me if You Can
10. Gimme Chocolate
11. Karate
12. Tales of the Destinies
13. The One (English version)

Black Night (September 20, 2016) [Blu-ray Disc 2 / CD Disc 3 & 4]

1. Babymetal Death
2. Awadama Fever
3. Uki Uki Midnight
4. Meta! Taro
5. Sis. Anger
6. Akatsuki
7. Onedari Daisakusen
8. No Rain, No Rainbow
9. Doki Doki Morning
10. Meigitsune
11. Head Bangya
12. Ijime, Dame, Zettai

In more recent news, Japanese media website Natalie (ナタリー) is reporting that Babymetal have been awarded the “Digital Contents Of The Year 2016” at the 22nd AMD Awards last night. The ceremony was held at the Meiji Memorial Museum Fuji in Tokyo, Japan.

Babymetal fan website Babymetal Newswire translated the thank you from Kobametal, who commented on receiving the award; “Thank you for choosing Babymetal for such prize today, Babymetal will continue to exceed this generation under the name of Metal Resistance. We will continue our activities aiming to connect the world through Babymetal and become the one.”

You can watch the ceremony video on YouTube here.