Jim Lea on Noel Redding; “if Hendrix saw you, then I’m out of a job!”

Former bass guitarist of Slade, Jim Lea, today appeared on Johnnie Walker‘s Sounds of the 70s. During the interview, Lea spoke of Chas Chandler who was the bassist in The Animals, Slade and The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

During the interview he recounted a time when drummer Mitch Mitchell and bass guitarist Noel Redding came to see the band at The Bag of Nails club about a year after Isle of Wight festival in 1970. Jim Lea said; “He was always keeping an eye on me and I was really flash bass player. I didn’t play bass like a bass player. Right from a child I really wanted to play guitar but I play bass. With the band when we became famous, I had to slow all that down and do what we now know as the ‘Slade brand’. But when Noel Reading and Mitch Mitchell came down to see us they, I saw them and they just left and they never came to talk to us.”

Lea continued; “But at Chas‘ funeral Noel said to me, ‘we saw you and we thought, God this just blinding and this is gonna be massive’. You are in The Jimi Hendrix Experience for crying out loud. And then he said, ‘yeah you… no I mean you! You!! He said if Hendrix saw you, then I’m out of a job!'”

You listen to the whole interview on BBC iPlayer here.